New York State Chaplain Group Inc

& in partnership with The Chaplain Group of America.

New York State chaplain group inc. is a tax deductible organization with a federal tax Id number  92-383-4921

New York State chaplain group inc. is a tax deductible organization with a federal tax Id number  92-383-4921

Find fulfillment with NYSCG.

Helping you secure voluntary or lucrative Chaplaincy positions in hospitals, prisons, and for law enforcement.


What is NYSCG?

NYSCG offers a one-time training, one-to-one mentorship, and crisis Chaplaincy examination. Successful graduates of the course receive their Chaplain’s credentials and a personal login to join NYSCG’s supportive membership group online.


Why join NYSCG?

01. Make a difference.

02. Become board-certified with CPE.

03. Get unwavering support.

04. Land great job opportunities.


No matter your stage in life, having chaplaincy credentials will help you care for others in crisis. If you are an honest, confident, and compassionate person who can be trusted to guide people in difficult situations, our Chaplaincy course and NYSCG membership is for you.


We have partnered with the Institute of Pastoral Care of Florida to make it easy for our members to become board-certified chaplains. By taking our CPE program you can attain the best Chaplaincy-related jobs in the USA. Your NYSCG volunteer hours will count towards your qualification.


Unlike most Chaplaincy groups, our NYSCG leaders are highly experienced and care deeply about our members’ success. We make sure you are fully supported from initial training through to a fulfilling chaplaincy career so you can give your best to people in crisis across US hospitals and prisons.


NYSCG gives you access to up-to-date job listings, internships, and volunteering opportunities in chaplaincy-related fields. Upon completion of the course, you will receive your Chaplain’s credentials, and we will make every effort to help find your placement in a career of your choice.

About the course

About the course.

Our Chaplaincy course is a comprehensive study experience that will prepare you for the emotional and spiritual challenges of a crisis chaplain dealing with trauma, accident, disaster, and burnout. In this one-time session, you will cover.

You will learn from those who’ve been in the trenches for decades and gain the necessary skills for successful chaplaincy work in any setting.

NYSCG is for everyone.

No matter your age, life stage, or gender, if you have a strong moral compass to make empowering decisions along with the confidence to voice your opinions in a way that will make a difference in people’s lives, our crisis Chaplaincy course and membership is for you.

With NYSCG, you can get your master’s in Chaplaincy within a year and become a board-certified Chaplain through your volunteer experiences. Once certified, you will make a huge difference in the lives of those who need it with opportunities of earning 120K+ a year.

Chaplaincy is a respected, powerful, yet lower-stress option for those heading toward retirement who don’t yet want to leave the working world. With your Chaplain’s credentials, you can make use of your years of work experience to help those in need across the United States.